Each year the Rotary Club of Waynesboro offers three levels of scholarships to students of Waynesboro Senior High School.

–  Thompson Scholarships are offered to two applicants each year who are qualified academically, exhibit service to others, and need financial help in completing a four year collegiate degree.  This scholarship was established in 1993 by Rotarian William W. Thompson in memory of his father, William A. Thompson, a former Rotary President.  The current value of this scholarship is $5000 for each selected candidate and is distributed $625 per semester.

– The Waynesboro Rotary Merit Scholarship was established in 2015.  It is based on the Rotary motto “Service above Self”, and is presented to two individuals who achieve academic excellence as well as demonstrate their commitment to their school and community.  The current value of this scholarship to each selected candidate is $1000 distributed as a lump sum.

– The Angela D. Piatt Vocational-Technical (Vo-Tech) Scholarship was established in 2019.  It provides financial support to a student who demonstrates academic ability, financial need and who intends to further their education through Vo-Tech training.  Also based on the Rotary motto “Service above Self”, the applicant’s participation in activities of the school and community, demonstrating an aptitude for service to others, will be considered.  A $1000 scholarship is awarded, paid directly to the institution at $500.00 per semester over a one year program.

Deadline for all three scholarships is Monday April 15, 2024.  Applications can be downloaded here.

For more information contact Mrs. Sheri Helfrick (sheri_helfrick@wasdpa.org) at the WASHS Guidance Office.

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Our Scholarship Winners for 2024 – 2025

Merit Scholarship $1,000

Emma Coulter

Isabella Ruefle

Piatt Career Scholarship $1,000

Kirsten Koestler

Thompson Scholarship $4,000 over four years

Kalley Delauter

Layla Woodring